Self Motivation Tips: Part Two

This is part two of Self Motivation Tips. Go read 4 Self Motivation Tips now.

Did you do it? Okay. Here’s more.

Wes Hazlitt ‘s self motivation tip was to Take it One Step at a Time. He told a wonderful story of walking 30 miles.

No one believed he and his brother could do it. So they walked one mile at a time 30 times. Wes only thought of doing the mile he was currently walking.

I believe this has a great lesson. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed or worried about all that we have to do, we never get started.

So only think about what you have to do first. When that’s done go to the next thing and so forth.

Julie Salgado (or Salgoogle to her friends) added a visual component.

Her self motivation tip was to do a Dream Wheel or Dream Board and to look at it everyday. She suggests a section for each part of your life.

Separate sections of pictures for goals for work, family, vacation, and so forth.

This is to remind you of what you want and what you are working in your business towards.

Cathie Heath gave us the self motivation tip of its Got to Come From Inside.

She said that sometimes our motivation may come from what we do not want and that we want to avoid.

One thing I don’t ever want to do again is work in a public school or a private one for that matter. That’s one of my “whys” for being successful in business.

So that’s Part Two of Self Motivation Tips.

What are your self motivation tips? Share with us in the comment section below.


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