MLM Sponsoring: How Not To Recruit

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MLM Sponsoring: How Not To Recruit

Last week I wrote to posts on MLM sponsoring and I really intended to go to another subject. But I can’t. I have to share a chat I had with a girl last week and a conversation I had on Google Plus, yesterday.

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One morning last week, I was catching up on my Google Plus Circle Requests. I got a thank you message and we started a conversation. She started right with asking, “How are you” and “What do you do” type of questions.

But then… instead of asking me, “How do you like  what you was doing” or “Are you interested in learning about something else”. She pounced on my question of “What do you do” and gave me her link and preceded to throw up all over me about her deal.

I shared that I was happy with what I was doing and she kept right on going on and on and on. This happened a few more times before I called it to an end by saying no thank you and have a great day.

Why didn’t I end it sooner?

MLM Sponsoring

I wanted to remind myself how to not recruit and that there are lots of entrepreneurs out there who don’t know how to use social media.

Now, the second chat happened yesterday or the day before. I got another thank you note for adding them to my circles. But this time he didn’t stop there or try to answer questions. He also sent a link.

So I nicely sent a note thanking him for his note and asked him if he wanted to learn how to use social media properly. He was genuinely surprised that he was doing it wrong and I told him if he wanted to learn how to do it correctly, I’d help him out.

 So Why Am I Sharing These Conversations With You?

Well it’s twofold really.

  1. I wanted to remind you that there are lots of people out there who don’t know how to use social media. And to remind you to be nice when they hit you.
  2. If you don’t know how to use social media to give you this cool Facebook training. The beginning is all about Free methods and the last part is about Facebook Ads.

What Have You Learned?

Well, you’ve learned how to sponsor people correctly through your friends and neighbors. Second, you’ve learned how to prospect strangers. Third, in this article you’ve learned how to NOT Prospect on social media.

P.S. Want to learn how to be a MLM Sponosring ninja? Watch this free video.

PS. Got Leads? Got a Step-by-Step System to get Leads? No? Then, click here.

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  1. First, The reality is tell them that network marketing is is a nasty four letter word. WORK. That will cause about 50% of the people to hang up or run away right away. Most have been sold a bill of goods that it is call NET I get in and some one else does all the work marketing.
    or Net I get in and I make a million dollars and do nothing else and if I do not get it in 90 days you lied to me.
    Second, If they are not committed to a 24 to 36 month program of at least 1 hour to 3 hour a day 5 to 7 days a week then time to leave them off the list.
    Third, in most cases they will not break even for their products till the 6th or 9 month. Tell then any sooner and you have set them up for failure.
    Fourth, If you are not ready to spend time with the person you brought into your company then you done a disservice to then and your company.
    Fifth At least know how to get them to the training resources in the back office that your company has before you have the sign on the dotted line. Otherwise you have set them up for failure and it is on your shoulder that they failed at a the MLM.
    Just my 2 cents after 41 years in MLM


    Tracey Hausel Reply:

    Interesting insights, Dr. Robin. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. There are some people out there who don’t now the rules. I have also from time to time people who pitch links with their opportunity on my wall. And then they get angry when I delete the link.
    Bruno Buergi recently posted..What You Ought To Know About Facebook Marketing Strategies


    Tracey Hausel Reply:

    Bruno, it amazes me when they get angry about it. I mean it’s YOUR wall.


  3. Great job on this post, Tracey! Thanks for sharing!!! Karen


  4. Hey Tracey…That is truly the most non-authentic way to create a business relationship, or any other relationship for that matter. I think that when people vomit their opportunity all over you that it is worse that those who never shut up and listen. (another one of my pet peeves) I like the way you get straight to the point here and do not pull any punches. Keep that no-nonsense approach rolling!
    Martin Casper recently posted..Make Life Meaningful; Be a Go-Giver!


    Tracey Hausel Reply:

    Thanks Martin. I really appreciate your feedback.


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