Productivity and ADHD Wrap-UP

Productivity and ADHD Wrap-UP So this week I've got Indispensable ADHD Tools HERE. And this is about the best of  the best  tools that the readers of said worked best for Adult ADHDers. Then, has a great article about one little word that will increase you productivity big time. I'm not going to spoil it for you so you'll just have to go HERE and check out the article. And lastly, I wanted to an article from Business Insider on What the Middle … [Read more...]

How MLSP Keeps You Out of Overwhelm

How MLSP Keeps You Out of Overwhelm I recently recorded a video showing you why MLSP is the best marketing training system out there because it keeps you from being overwhelmed. To learn more, fill out the form below. [optin form="1668" style="standard"] Tracey's Blog Skype: traceyhausel Email: "I help entrepreneurs with ADHD and learning issues market their business and learn to manage their time, prioritize, and organize." PS: This is the … [Read more...]

Rituals for Better Focus and Productivity

Rituals for Better Focus and Productivity I like the word ritual a lot better than routine. It sounds, I don't know, zen or something. So I'm sharing some articles I've found on focus and productivity. 1) The first is from Additude Magazine. They've got a slide deck called "14 Rituals for Better Focus at Work". My favorite is slide #11 - Save the Best for First. You'll hear some productivity experts say to do the toughest thing on your list first. But if you have ADHD or ADHD … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Others Stop You From Pursuing Your Dreams

  Don't Let Others Stop You From Pursuing Your Dreams I found an article late last week called, "7 Things Stopping You From Pursuing Your Impossible Dreams".  You ought to check it out. But I think #2, "Not Believing in Yourself" is probably the reason for the other 6 things stopping your dreams. ">I shared this article on my Facebook page and when I went to make a comment, I remembered a conversation I had with my nephew. He was here to practice his driving with his uncle, my … [Read more...]

How To Form Habits for Success

We all have habits, whether they are good or bad. This post is to show you How to Form Habits for Success. It's best especially if you're an ADHD Entrepreneur to form one habit at a time. You hear all kinds of estimates of how long it takes. But it shouldn't take more than 30 days to form a new habit. Here's Flylady talking about Habits. Now, here's a Ted Talk on How to Form Habits. I really like his approach. Check it out: See you don't have to do a huge habit. But every … [Read more...]

How to See all Your Friends Posts on Your Facebook Timeline

 How to See all Your Friends Posts on Your Facebook Timeline I bet you're wondering How to See all Your Friends Posts on  Your Facebook Timeline. I thought everyone knew, but I was wrong. Recently, I had to tell someone how to do it. So I did a video: There are two ways to do this and you might want to do both for some people and pages. Basically, you go up to the left hand side of your newsfeed and click on the arrow next to the word newsfeed and click most recent. Top Stories … [Read more...]

How to Message People You Just Met in Social Media

How to Message People You Just Met in Social Media First, let's remember the purpose of social media. What is it? Hint it's in the name... You get it, yet? You're right! It's to be social. Now, LinkedIn is a little different, but primarily people get on Facebook or Twitter to be social. You need to keep that in mind. It's sorta like going to a party. So when you accept a friendship (connection, got followed, was circled, etc.) in Social Media, it's good etiquette to send a … [Read more...]

DarrenDaily on Goal Setting

DarrenDaily on Goal Setting One of the things that most if not all successful people do is personal development on a daily basis. My friend Lisa Grossmann (If you are in network marketing, go find her on Facebook. She's a legend.) shared that she was doing the DarrenDaily Daily Mentoring. If she takes her time to do something, then it must be worth doing. So I signed up. And I have to admit I keep the emails in a special folder in my gmail account so I can go back to different topics … [Read more...]

ADHD Entrepreneur: ADHD Weekly Volume 2

ADHD Entrepreneur: ADHD Weekly Volume 2 I've got three articles for you for this volume of ADHD Weekly. How to de-stress your life, why do the the things you do and How to Quit Bad habits. I've included the first paragraph of each article to give you a taste before you click off. Enjoy! Stress-less Life for ADHDers  "When it comes to organization, ADHDers don't have the best rep. We're constantly running late, losing our keys, and working on several projects at once. All this … [Read more...]

Time to Make Plans!

Time to Make Plans! Today is a special day. It's Labor Day, my birthday, and the first day of the 4th quarter. The 4th quarter is so important to how your business goes in 2015. You work now for the quarter and then when everyone is looking to start or restart a new business in the New Year, you'll be there in front of them. By the way, if you have no plan, that's still a plan. Just one that sets you up to fail. So, why plan? Listen to Darren Hardy interview Jim Rohn … [Read more...]